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HEY! So here's my new webpage, and in english as well! Cool! With some help from my brother... What I wish to do with my site, is to make a presentation of myself, some information about what I'm doing, and have been doing. My webpage is mostly for my friends and relatives, but, my hope is that other people, as well, would have a look, and maybe find something of interest. The site is based on my main interrest: DRAMA. This is what I want to work with in the future. That's why I'm presenting my earlier experiences in drama and theatre, hoping that I might get some new on my way....

Everyone visiting my homepage, please take your time to write a greeting in my guestbook! It would make me very happy!!! And of course it's fun to see who's beet visiting my page....


I've also got a forum, if you've got some questions you would like me to answer. Any comments on my webpage? Or maybe you would like to discuss a topic? You can of course write me an e mail mail

I'm trying to show a lot of my pictures here at my webpage. Many pictures from my year at Sunnmore folk highscool, as well as pictures from my hollidays and of course some of my friends.

If you would like, you could download the schript I've used on my webpage